Student Life Overview

Celebrating Japanese and international culture

Aichi International School aims to provide students with a variety of events and experiences that help to enrich their school life and the learning process. To give you an idea of what goes on at Aichi International School throughout the year please check out the following slideshow presentation; A year in the life of Aichi International School

Tanabata party

AIS is not only an international school, but it is also a bilingual school based in Japan. Therefore, it is important for the school to not only teach Japanese students about the international environment, but it is also an aim of the school to allow both Japanese and international students the opportunities to learn about Nagoya and Japan as well.

Besides learning in the Japanese language, AIS also has events such as a Tanabata festival, in July, and Setsubun celebrations, in February, so that students can further their understanding of Japanese culture and values.

Halloween party

AIS also holds events for students to learn about cultures from outside of Japan.

Students can enjoy playing a wide variety of games at the annual AIS Halloween party.

Christmas concert

The Christmas concert is another special evening, with the performance held at a theater away from the AIS building. The entire musical is written and composed by the AIS staff.

The performance usually includes singing, acting and dancing, with the 2 hour show conducted exclusively in English.

At the end of the night Santa visits the students with very special presents for them to take home.

Sports Day

AIS has an annual Sports Day in June, which sees all of the AIS students competing against one another for their team houses: Red (Cardiff), Blue (Edinburgh), Green (Blarney) and Yellow (Leeds).

The morning of the Sports Day is when the kindergarten students compete for their prizes, with the elementary school students racing after lunch.

Violin concert

Elementary students have bi-weekly (Grades One and Two) and weekly (Grades Three to Six) violin lesson as part of their music curriculum. Also, for students who have a further interest in the instrument, they can have extra violin lessons with a professional violin teacher after school.

In 2008 AIS was invited to join a performance with the city orchestra in Toyohashi, Aichi. Students perform in the AIS hall at the end of terms one and three for parents and the local community, plus their are usually opportunities throughout the year to perform around Nagoya city, as in December 2013 when around 30 elementary school students put on a Christmas concert at Hoshigaoka Terrace (shopping area close to the school).

Field trips

In addition to the many special events, AIS students also go on several field trips. Both the kindergarten and the elementary school students go on a field trip once a term.

Some of the places that the students have visited include the zoo, the aquarium, the science museum, theme parks and factories.


The elementary school students have been to attend professional sport games, including baseball, basketball, futsal and rugby, in Nagoya, and have met the players of the local professional teams. We also encourage members of the local Japanese community to work with our students as well.

The police, sumo wrestlers, African drummers and dancers, and a bug bus have all been through the gates of AIS to widen the students’ understanding about a whole range of topics.

In March 2014 a range of students from the elementary school attended an eight day homestay program in Ipswich, near Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. Over the course of the week the AIS students attended regular lessons and made lots of new friends at West Moreton Anglican College.

In their free time they enjoyed going to parks, the beach and farm life with their homestay families. One day was an organised visit to the world famous Lone Pine Sanctuary, where students could hold a koala.