Sports at Aichi International School

The elementary school students have sports lessons three times a week. Being an international school the curriculum lends itself to sports from other countries. Japanese students in particular get to experience sports not common in Japan such as cricket, netball and field hockey. Students also have the opportunity to take swimming lessons off campus, at a local sports center, seven times a year. They receive tuition from professional swimming instructors.


Basket ball

Students also have recess time (around 30 minutes) following lunch, and weather dependent can play in the park or in the hall inside the school building.


Sports Day

In the kindergarten the students have the opportunity to participate in sports lessons, both in the school hall and in a wide-open park 15 meters from the entrance of the school. In the adjoining park there are swings, slides and other equipment for young learners to explore. In the summer time, the kindergarten students have the opportunity to play in several huge inflatable pools, inside the AIS courtyard. This gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves and try something new.


Kindergarten students


Enjoy Swimming!

AIS has welcomed sports stars to the school. Three sumo wrestlers came to Aichi International School to explain about the sport, and interact with the students.