About AIS – “Fostering global-ready communicators”

Aichi International School is a private, international kindergarten and elementary school, with a student population of about a hundred students.

The kindergarten offers a total English immersion program for 2-6 year old students, consisting of four classes. The elementary school has a bilingual program of English and Japanese, with students studying in English for about 70% of the time, and subjects in Japanese for about 30% of the time.

Aichi International School was founded primarily to foster bilingual Japanese students, who have the knowledge, skills and integrity to function successfully in an ever-evolving global environment. However, the school welcomes student applications from international families also, and is privileged to have a diverse student population from all over the world.


Vision Statement

Aichi International School aspires to be one of the premier international schools offering a bilingual curriculum in a vibrant, stimulating, multi-cultural, unique environment catering for boys and girls aged 2-12 years old.


Mission Statement

Aichi International School’s mission is to empower its learners to become global-minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity to function successfully, responsibly and effectively in an ever-evolving global environment.


School Learning Outcomes

  • AIS is preparing ‘global minded’ citizens that:

    a. Can use verbal and non-verbal techniques to communicate with others

    b. Develop an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture

    c. Develop an understanding and open-minded approach towards other cultures and histories

  • AIS students develop respect for themselves and others by:

    a. Cooperating and working together on academic and non-academic group projects

    b. Demonstrating a positive attitude, enthusiasm for learning and active participation

  • AIS develops intelligent and effective communicators that:

    a. Can read and write in English proficiently

    b. Can receive information and construct meaning through reading and listening

    c. Develop an appropriate competency and appreciation of Japanese language and culture

  • AIS students develop a healthy self-confidence:

    a. By showing they are prepared to risk take and challenge themselves by trying new things

    b. Being motivated learners with a curiosity about the working universe around them