After-school Program

At Aichi International School (AIS), we also offer Intelligence and Enrichment Programs after school for children to expand their world of knowledge. The English Intelligence Program boosts English language proficiency and communicative skill, while the Culture Enrichment Program offers other language options, together with modern and traditional cultural activities.

Program schedules for April 2022-March 2023 are listed below. All classes run for approximately 33 weeks over the year; a calendar with details of exact class dates is available upon request.

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Program Details Day/Time
Chibikko ESL (3-4 yrs) English class for pre-school children (parents welcome) Fri 15:30-16:00
Junior ESL (5-6 yrs) English class for pre-elementary school children Wed 15:30-16:20
Foundations ESL (Beginner high) For elementary school-age children wanting to establish starter skills in English Wed 16:30-17:20
Foundations ESL (Intermediate) For AIS kindy graduates, returnee students, and others with high English proficiency Fri 16:30-17:20
Private ESL One-on-one personalized lessons after school for AIS students to further boost English ability Mon-Wed 30 mins
Japanese (4 yrs-G6) Learn and improve your Japanese as a second language to make the most of your studies at AIS and daily life Mon-Wed 30 mins
Piano lessons (from 5 years-old) For beginners and students wishing to improve their piano skill Mon, Tue, Fri 30 mins
Tea Ceremony (from 4 years-old) Learn the traditional art and subtleties of serving Japanese tea and sweets 4th Mon of month 16:00-16:45
Computer Club (from 5 years-old) Join us for an introduction to computer basics, useful applications, and coding. Wed 16:00-16:45
Dance Club (from 4 years-old) Build up expression and confidence through drama, singing and dancing Fri 16:00-16:45
Choir (from G1) Sing songs from around the world in perfect harmony with friends Wed 16:00-16:45
Soccer Club (from 5 years-old) Drills and activities to gain skills, confidence, and fitness Wed 16:00-16:45

Feel free to contact the school office with any questions. A PDF version of the above programs with fee and application details is available here: EP program for 2022