Kindergarten Curriculum

All-English Kindergarten

Kindergarten classes at AIS provide full-curriculum early years learning with instruction from internationally qualified and experienced teachers. Children from all backgrounds relish in a learning environment designed to stimulate inquiring minds, build confidence and character, and get them ready for the bilingual Elementary School program at AIS. Covering a full curriculum of subjects throughout the day, all children are expected to: try their best; be kind to others; listen and follow instructions; and speak English all day. Our lively and caring teachers provide holistic support for all children, encouraging positive behaviors for learning.

The AIS Kindergarten program is based on Japan’s Ministry of Education (MEXT) curriculum guidelines and the curriculum of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Watch a video of children enjoying a day in kindergarten at Aichi International School.

Learn more about our three kindergarten classes…

Turtle Class (3 to 4 years old)

Each day in Turtle class provides a lot of opportunity for your child to learn interpersonal/ communication skills, working together in a variety of situations. Activities through positive guidance include hygiene practices, rhymes/ themes, painting/ crafts and lessons which further the students’ level of fundamental overall education (ABC’s, numbers, shades of colors, animals, shapes, etc.), and also foster their physical development.

An example of the weekly schedule

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00 Drive-Through/Free Play in classroom
9:30 Toilet Time/Transition Time
9:45 Circle Time/Morning Phonics and Numbers/Calendar
10:30 Snack Time/Play Time
11:00 Phonics Math Phonics Math Writing
11:30 Toilet Time/Transition Time
11:40 P.E./Music Theme/Art Park Art/Science Park or P.E.
12:15 Lunch Time
13:15 Brush teeth/Toilet/Free Play
13:30 Indoor/Outdoor Activities
14:30 Get Ready To Go Home
14:45 Pickup time
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Dolphin Class (4 to 5 years old)

From Dolphin, students are expected to show more independence, and continue to grow in English as they begin reading and writing words. Through writing, reading, singing songs, show and tell, art activities and field trips; the children learn not only English, but also lifelong skills such as confidence, listening, good communication and independence in thinking as well as learning.

An example of the weekly schedule

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:45 Drive-Through/Free-Play in classroom
9:30 Toilet Time/Transition Time
9:35 Circle Time/Morning Message/Flash Cards/Show and Tell
10:15 Toilet Time/Snack Time
10:35 Theme/Art/Science Phonics Spelling/Literacy Phonics Reading
11:15 Toilet Time/Transition Time
11:20 Sight Words/Spelling P.E. Theme/Art/Science Math English-Journal
12:05 Toilet Time/Transition Time
12:15 Lunch/Clean-up/Free Play
13:55 Toilet Time
14:00 Math Music Park P.E. Park
14:45 Get Ready To Go Home
15:00 Home Time
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Orca Class (5 to 6 years old)

Orca students eagerly arrive in the morning to join their friends for a day of fun-filled learning, including reading, P.E., phonics, math, science and music.
The Orca class also has a reading scheme to encourage and help the students to read in English. This has been a great success, with some students reading two or three books every week! They can also write the alphabet, many words and short sentences, as well as having story time and art activities in order for the children to build confidence, a sense of independence, cooperation and a love of learning! We do so much in the Orca class that it is impossible for us to write down everything here. So please come and visit our classroom to see what we do. There is always a friendly welcome for visitors in the Orca class!

An example of the weekly schedule

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8:45 Drive-Through
9:15 Morning Play/Homework Check
9:30 Toilet Time/Transition Time
9:40 Circle Time/Morning Message/Phonics/Show and Tell/Spelling Test
10:15 Toilet Time/Snack Time
10:35 Sight Words/Spelling Math Art/Science Math English – Journal
11:25 Toilet Time/Transition Time
11:35 Stations/Theme P.E. Phonics Phonics Class Reading
12:20 Toilet Time/Transition Time
12:30 Lunch/Clean-up
13:15 Outside/Inside Play
13:45 Music Individual Reading Park P.E. Park
14:45 Silent Reading/Class Activity
15:00 Get Ready To Go Home
15:15 Home Time
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