Fostering global-ready communicators

At Aichi International School it is our firm belief that each child is an important and unique individual. Each student is valued and supported during their time at AIS. AIS offers a full curriculum education with depth and quality, facilitated by our experienced and qualified teachers from around the world. The focus on learning at AIS spans further than textbooks, with hands-on activities and annual events building inquisitive and independent-minded young people. AIS fosters a school community culture of respect for others, and as such we welcome families from a variety of backgrounds:

• Japanese students from home (usually 3 years old), or from Japanese kindergartens or schools.

• International students direct from their home country.

• International students from Japanese kindergartens.

• Japanese returnee students (from overseas).

AIS believes in including all students in all aspects of school life. International students with little Japanese language ability, and Japanese students with a lack of exposure to English, prior to entering AIS are welcomed, yet are expected to try their best to build their language proficiency in both languages.

AIS expects that all the children leave us at 12 years old with independence, confidence, a global mind, and a desire to achieve. With these attributes, AIS graduates should be well prepared for the next school they attend, whether it be a Japanese junior high school, an international school within Japan, or a school overseas.

Aichi International School is a unique school in the Tokai region of Japan, offering a full English immersion program at kindergarten age, and bilingual (Japanese/English) education at elementary school which is inclusive of all students.

AIS aims to be recognized for providing excellence in education and exceptional care for every child. As a school we create dual pathways for further educational opportunities; both Japanese and/or English based learning.

Students will not only develop an understanding of the culturally diverse world that we live in, but students will also develop their understanding of Japanese traditions, history and values, as well as their identity as residents or citizens of Japan.


Mission Statement

Aichi International School’s mission is to empower its learners to become global-minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity to function successfully, responsibly and effectively in an ever-evolving global environment.


Vision Statement

Aichi International School aspires to be one of the premier international schools offering a bilingual curriculum in a vibrant, stimulating, multi-cultural, unique environment catering for boys and girls aged 3-12 years old.


Expected School-wide Learning Outcomes

Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLOs) are our goals for each student to actively pursue during their time with us at AIS. The ESLOs are statements about what all students should know, understand, and be able to do by the time they graduate. The following are Aichi International School’s ESLOs:

As ‘global minded’ students:

I can communicate with others – Use verbal and non-verbal techniques to communicate with others

I understand my culture – Develop an understanding and appreciation of our own cultures

I am interested in other cultures – Develop an understanding and open-minded approach towards other cultures and histories

I enjoy learning all subjects – Enjoy learning, have a good attitude and desire to learn and understand in all subjects

Show respect for oneself and others

I can work with others – Co-operate and work together on academic and non-academic group projects

I am a positive player – Demonstrate a positive attitude, enthusiasm and active participation

Be intelligent and effective communicators

I can read and write in English – Read and write in English proficiently

I understand written and spoken English – Receive information and construct meaning through reading and listening

I understand Japanese – Develop an appropriate competency and appreciation of Japanese language and culture

Have self-confidence

I am confident – Prepared to risk take and challenge oneself by trying new things

I am curious – Be a motivated learner with a curiosity about the working universe