Our Mission

At Aichi International School it is our firm belief that each child is an important and unique individual. Each student is valued and supported during their time at AIS. AIS offers an independent education, providing a depth and quality, from our constantly revised and updated curriculum. The provision of the education provided for each child is tailored for each child’s individual need. In the past AIS has welcomed students from a wide range backgrounds, in terms of previous educational experiences;

• International students direct from their home country.

• Japanese students from home (usually from 3 years old), or from Japanese kindergartens or schools.

• International students from Japanese kindergartens.

• Japanese returnee students (from overseas).

Both Japanese and international students from other international kindergartens and schools from within Japan. As such, AIS has welcomed international students with Japanese language ability, and Japanese students with a lack of exposure to English, prior to entering AIS. As such, during their time at AIS we hope to highlight each child’s needs, and work in partnership with child and parents, to develop students with understanding, knowledge and expertise in English, and to varying degrees depending on background, understanding of Japanese language and culture.

AIS expects that all the children leave us at 12 years old, independent, “confident,” “global minded, “achievers.” Students are expected to be “respectful” of others, and well prepared for the next school they attend, whether it be a Japanese junior high school, international school within Japan, or a school overseas.


Mission Statement

“To empower and equip students to go anywhere and do anything. “

Aichi International School’s mission is to empower its learners to become global minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity to function successfully, responsibly and effectively in an ever-evolving global environment.


Vision Statement

Aichi International School aspires to be one of the premier international schools offering a bilingual curriculum in a vibrant, stimulating, multi-cultural, unique environment catering for boys and girls aged 2-12 years old.


Core Values

Aichi International School is committed to developing self-assured, positive, independent students. Our values reflect our school, our community and who we are. Our core values are;

  • Achievement

    We aim to maximize our abilities and potential across all aspects of their learning, be it academic, sporting or artistic.

  • Global Citizenship

    We strive to inspire students to be committed to everything they do, with a sense of responsibility for local, national and world communities.

  • Respect

    Relate to other people, languages and cultures with openness, willingness and respect.

  • Confidence

    To be confident in our own abilities, performances and presentations.

Aichi International School is a unique school in the Tokai region of Japan, offering a fully inclusive English immersion program at kindergarten age, and a bilingual (Japanese/English) program at elementary school.

AIS aims to be recognized for providing excellence in education and exceptional care for every child. As a school we create dual pathways for further educational opportunities; both Japanese and/or English based learning.

Students will not only develop an understanding of the culturally diverse world that we live in, but also students will develop their understanding of Japanese traditions, history and values, as well as their identity as residents or citizens of Japan.


Expected School-wide Learning Outcomes (ESLO)

ESLOs are our goals for each student to actively pursue during their K-12 school years. The ESLOs are statements about what all students should know, understand, and be able to do by the time they graduate. The following are Aichi International School’s ESLOs; AIS ESLOs handout