Future Paths

AIS strives to support all graduating students into their chosen future study path. Since our first graduates in 2012, to date 45 students have gone on to enter a variety of international schools and private junior high schools throughout Japan and beyond.

International schools are an excellent path to continue in a complete English education curriculum after AIS, particularly if contemplating higher education at an institution abroad.

A number of our students have gone on to prestigious private schools in Japan. However, if you and your child are considering a private Japanese junior high school as an option, please be aware that entrance exams in Japanese are required for admission.

Some schools AIS graduates have enrolled in

  • Nagoya International School (NIS)
  • International Christian Academy of Nagoya (ICAN)
  • Enishi International School
  • Nagoya International Junior & Senior High School
  • Tokai Junior High School
  • Nanzan Girls’ Junior High School
  • Aichi Junior High School

Future Charts after Graduating from AIS

Future Charts after Graduating from AIS