After-school Programs

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At Aichi International School (AIS), we also offer Intelligence and Enrichment Programs after school for children to expand their world of knowledge. The English Intelligence Program boosts English language proficiency and communicative skill, while the Culture Enrichment Program offers other language options, together with modern and traditional cultural activities.

Program schedules for April 2019-March 2020 are listed below. All classes run for approximately 33 weeks over the year; a calendar with details of exact class dates is available upon request.


Program Details Day/Time
Grp English – Chibikko (3-4 year-olds) Pre-school English class with a native English teacher (parents can join in too) Friday 15:30-16:00
Group English – Kindy (5-6 year-olds) English class for pre-elementary school children Wednesday 15:30-16:00
Group English – Elementary (Beginner) For elementary school-age children just starting to learn English Wednesday 16:30-17:20
Group English – Elementary (Intermediate) For elementary school-age children with fundamental English skills Friday 16:30-17:20
Group English – Elementary (Advanced) For AIS kindergarten graduates, returnee students, and others with high English proficiency to supplement elementary school English, maths and science study Friday 17:30-18:20
Private English One-on-one personalized lessons for AIS students to further boost English ability Mon, Tue, Wed Inquire about time
Japanese For non-Japanese children wanting to learn Japanese Mon, Tue, Wed Inquire about time
Chinese Language class with a Chinese native speaker Mon, Tue, Wed Inquire about time
ViolinIMG_8427 One-on-one lesson to improve violin skill Mon-Thu Inquire about time
Programming Club (Elementary students)20180417_114802 Using a variety of software applications, participate in computer activities like programming and coding to familiarize with computer technology and fundamentals. Tuesday 16:00-16:45
Tea CeremonyIMG_0938 Learn the traditional art of serving Japanese tea 4th Mon of month 15:45-16:45


Feel free to contact the school office with any questions. A PDF version of the above programs with fee and application details is available here: EP leaflet 2019EN