2024 Admission Reception

Thank you very much for considering admission to Aichi International School.

We are currently accepting applications for new students, as well as for the infant and elementary classes for 2024.

AIS Kindergarten Instagram page.

The number of applicants for each class is as follows, and recruitment will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

Capacity availability

The capacity and recruitment status for each class for the next academic year 2024 (from April 2024) is as follows.



Class Capacity Recruitment
3 year old class 12 5
4 year old class

12 3
5 year old class 12 4


Class Capacity Recruitment
1st Grade 18 0
2nd Grade 18 1
3rd Grade 18 0
4th Grade 18 5
5th Grade 18 3
6th Grade 18 6

Application forms for admission are available at our office or can be downloaded from our website.

If you are currently enrolled at another school, you will also need to submit a letter of recommendation.Student Recommendation Form

Please feel free to contact us regarding application details, selection exams, etc.

We are looking forward to hearing from families who are interested in our school, which has an educational philosophy of “Aiming to become international people with language skills who can play an active role in the world.”

Ph. 052-788-2255 Email: info@nipais.com