Grade 1 Trial Day

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Aichi International School (AIS) invites five year-old children to a half-day trial lesson in August.

At AIS, our aim is for all children to foster excellent bilingual, academic and personal skills ready for use wherever they choose to go in the future. In low teacher-to-student ratio classes, children at AIS take part in an enjoyable and rewarding full curriculum English and Japanese bilingual program.

We would love to have your child come and experience our special program in our log house-style building.

Date: Tuesday 27th August

Eligibility: Children planning to enter elementary school Grade One in April 2025


8:15 Gates open, drop-off

8:30 Homeroom: Circle time including welcome, introductions, schedule for day

8:40 School tour

8:55 Restroom break

9:00 Period 1 Lesson in English 1 (Application procedure explanation, Q&A for parents in AIS hall)

9:30 Period 2 Lesson in Japanese

10:00 Snack, recess, restroom break

10:15 Period 3 Lesson in English 2

10:45 Homeroom: Farewell, review

10:55 Pick-up 

11:00 Gates close


Things to bring: Mask, drink bottle, snack, pencil, notebook, indoor shoes

Participants for the trial lesson are limited, so we recommend making an early reservation. Reservations will close when capacity is reached. Please call 052-788-2255.

Also, your cooperation with our school precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus is appreciated.

Feel free to contact anytime with questions.

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