Speech Contest

2016 Speech Contest

On Friday 19th February 2016 Aichi International School will hold its annual Speech Contest. This is a competition that is conducted exclusively in English. Students produce their own pieces of writing, practice and learn the speeches, and then recite on them on the big day in front of peers, teaching staff, parents and judges.

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All of the elementary school, plus the oldest students from the kindergarten; the Orca class, take to the stage to give a short speech. At the end of the competition their are awards for each grade. In the past their have been a number of topics told or explained on the stage in the main hall of the AIS building, ranging from reciting poetry to talking about what you do in your free time to talking about one’s heroes.

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It’s always a fun day, with lots of excitement and a bit of tension and nervousness. If you have free time, please come along and support the students, as they aim to deliver the best speeches they can.